Thanks to the efforts of its members, AiCARR creates and promotes culture in the field of technological systems for production, distribution and use of thermal energy in both residential and industrial buildings.

With a view to achieving energy efficiency and environmental comfort, AiCARR addresses the issues of energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources and control over the management of plants and systems.


Executive Board  

It consists of the President, the Directors in charge of each Committee, the Vice-President and the Treasurer.
Its main function is to implement the goals set by the Council, but it may also make deliberations in case of urgency that will be referred to the Council itself. 


Executive Board 2017-2019
Francesca R. d'Ambrosio President
Giorgio Bo

Regional Committees and Membership

Livio Mazzarella International Relationships
Vice-President for International Relationships
Federico Pedranzini Technical Committees
Valentina Serra Cultural Activities 
Luca A. Piterà Observer for Standards and Legislation
Luigi Gazzi Observer for Industry Members
Luigi Cinquanta Treasurer




Dizionario REHVA
 REHVA Journal

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