AiCARR’S main aims are:

The production and dissemination of the culture of sustainable comfort.

The training and professional development of employees in the field with a view to enhancing their professional qualification

The contribution towards and development of legislation in place for the sector

The cooperation with other organisations and governing bodies, both Italian and European, as an authoritative intermediary.


AiCARR’s President is the head of the Association.
He/She directs and is the chairman of the Steering Council and the Executive Board.

He/She is appointed by the members one year prior to the expiry of the current President’s term in office.

To facilitate his integration in the managerial structure of the Association, he cooperates with the President in charge in the 12 months following the election by taking part to the meetings of the Executive Board and the Steering Council.

He/She serves a three-year mandate and cannot be re-elected for a second term.


PRESIDENT  2023-2026


Claudio Zilio




Claudio Zilio is a mechanical engineer and a full professor of Technical Physics at the University of Padua. He is secretary of the B2 (Refrigerating Equipments) Committee of IIR and a member of the Editorial Board of the journal "Science and Technology for the Built Environment" of ASHRAE. He nationally and internationally collaborates in research projects with companies and research organizations.

Birth: 1969

Residence: Cassola (VI)

Roles in AiCARR
Responsible for Refrigeration Technical Committee
Member of the Editorial Board of AiCARR Journal
Member of the AiCARR Board of Directors 2020-2023
AiCARR President 2023-2026





1960-1961 Gianfelice Bertolini
1962-1963 Alberto Stradelli
1964-1967 Gianfelice Bertolini
1968-1971 Gaudenzio Cattaneo
1972-1978 Franco Palmizi
1979-1983 Alberto Cremaschi
1984-1989 Mario Costantino
1990-1992 Gino Moncada Lo Giudice
1993-1995 Marco Filippi
1996-1998 Alberto Cavallini
1999-2001 Renato Merati
2002-2004 Cesare Taddia
2005-2007 Cesare Maria Joppolo
2008-2010 Renato Lazzarin
2011-2013 Michele Vio
2014-2016 Livio de Santoli
2017-2020 Francesca R. d'Ambrosio
Filippo Busato



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