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52nd AiCARR International Conference “HVAC and health, comfort, environment. Equipments and design for IEQ and sustainability”


There is a general awareness of the leading role played by HVAC in improving the health and quality of humans’ life. In the past, most of the attention in the scientific literature has been devoted to energy consumption and environmental impact of air conditioning while preserving the comfort of occupants with a relatively lower attention for the repercussion on health. Nowadays, the pandemic caused by Covid-2019 has dramatically shifted a large amount of efforts of the HVAC sector towards the key role of HVAC in reducing the risk of virus infection. The consequence of this perspective change is twofold. First, it represents a unique opportunity to properly address the potential benefits of HVAC also on other relevant pathologies (cardiac, respiratory, infection by other pathogens, among others) while improving the comfort and the person productivity, with the consequent social and economic advantages. Second, it may play a key role to accelerate the transition towards new environmentally friendly technologies in compliance with the 2030 agenda. In general, there is a clear need of new integrated approach for the equipment, systems and building design under the paradigm of a healthy built environment.
Starting from this consideration, the 52nd AiCARR International Conference will present contributions in the HVAC sector dealing with new components and systems, new design approaches, studies about the related impact on comfort and health of occupants and operators, new monitoring and control systems, insights about the relation between HVAC and pathologies or pathogens diffusion, environmental impact of the new technologies, economic and social consequences.


Important update

The 52nd AiCARR International Conference takes place in hybrid mode: online for all participants and in presence at the Vicenza headquarters of the University of Padua for those who request it.


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