Thanks to the efforts of its members, AiCARR creates and promotes culture in the field of technological systems for production, distribution and use of thermal energy in both residential and industrial buildings.

With a view to achieving energy efficiency and environmental comfort, AiCARR addresses the issues of energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources and control over the management of plants and systems.


generating ideas for sustainable energy

Founded in 1960, AiCARR has always dealt with issues relating to the responsible use of energy and natural resources and the innovation of energy infrastructures, both in residential and industrial buildings.

AiCARR has more than 2400 members among which there are planners, machinery builders, installers, maintenance operatives, scholars, researchers, students, government and national and international body officials.

AiCARR’s main strengths are its ability to deal with current issues timely, its authority, its maximum transparency, its ability to protect the technical and cultural interests of its own members and its committment to sustainability.

AiCARR’s main aims are

  • The production and dissemination of the culture of sustainable comfort.
  • The training and professional development of employees in the field with a view to enhancing their professional qualification
  • The contribution towards and development of legislation in place for the sector
  • The cooperation with other organisations and governing bodies, both Italian and European, as an authoritative intermediary.

Areas of interest

  • The building energy design.
  • The development and dissemination of technical rules and regulations.
  • The innovation of residential and industrial buildings with a view to achieving energy savings.
  • The maintenance of installations.
  • The rebanding energy efficiency ratings of existing buildings.
  • The use of renewable energy.

The Committees
The Committees, chaired by Executive Board Members, coordinate the different activities in which the Association is involved, from the organization of conferences and seminars to the arrangement of Technical Working Groups, from the planning of training programmes to the publishing of articles, from the management of national and international relations to making public announcements, without disregarding the operation of legislation in the UNI, CTI and CEN and those directly linked to energy efficiency.

Technical Working Groups
The Technical Working Groups are permanent study groups on the most relevant issues of interest for the Association. They intervene across a whole range of the Association’s activities through the provision of guides, in association with the Publishing Committee, the arrangement of seminars, in connection with the Congress Committee and the provision of training courses in collaboration with the Training Committee and the assessment of whether new technical standards or the updating of existing ones are needed, in conjunction with the Regulatory Committee.

Conferences, seminars and workshops
They are national and international events, with the participation of eminent speakers and the most important associations in the sector.

Publishing and Communication
The last publishing success is “Thermal systems design manual. Hydronics”, a unique collection of the knowhow of the most experienced design experts of the field, available for members for free consultation on the website and on sale on request.
AiCARR’s Technical Series includes monographic books written by members, translations of the guidelines by national and international associations operating in the field of air conditioning (in particular REHVA and ASHRAE) and AiCARR’s Guides produced by the Technical Committees.
AiCARR updates and informs Members and non-Members through the Official Journal “AiCARR Journal”, and a Newsletter available on the site and sent to members.
On the site www.aicarr.org other details on the association and events are available in Italian, including comments and data relating to legislative and regulatory developments.
AiCARR’s library offers a wide choice of technical volumes and regulations and includes around 8.000 books.

Conferences, seminars and workshops
They are national and international events, with the participation of eminent speakers and the most important associations in the sector.

Technical meetings and technical visits
They are meant as refresher events and represent an opportunity to exchange data and experiences within the industry. They are organized by AiCARR’s territorial delegates in connection with companies belonging to the Industry Advisory Committee and with Supporting Members.

AiCARR Formazione
AiCARR Formazione is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company that was created to provide in-depth courses for professionals' needs. Today is a provider of CNI and CNPI (national councils for engineers and technical experts) for professional credits. The courses are aimed at designers, mainteinace technicians, technical and sale staff of organizations and industries, students and researchers. Teachers are academics and professionals selected among the best experts in the field of HVAC&R.



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