Thanks to the efforts of its members, AiCARR creates and promotes culture in the field of technological systems for production, distribution and use of thermal energy in both residential and industrial buildings.

With a view to achieving energy efficiency and environmental comfort, AiCARR addresses the issues of energy saving, the use of renewable energy sources and control over the management of plants and systems.


AiCARR’s Technical Volumes and Guides offer an updated overview on the state of the art and trends of scientific and technical research on topics of broad interest related to HVAC, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration, etc.

AiCARR publications are available for members and non-members.

Members can order publications at 25% off the list price.

EN: The overall quality of the indoor environment    EN: Waterproofing and thermal insulation systems for buildings    EN: Smart Grid . 
IT: Qualità globale dell'ambiente interno    IT: Materiali impermeabilizzanti e termoisolanti per l'involucro edilizio: un binomio    IT:  Smart Grid - Strategia per le Comunità dell'energia su scala urbana



EN: Economic Analisys  
Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings
EN: Air Filtration in HVAC Systems - Rehva Guide
IT: Analisi economica   available in english version only   IT: Filtrazione dell'aria negli impianti di climatizzazione 



EN: Thermal sources of heat pumps  
EN: Hygiene requirement for ventilation and air-conditioning - Rehva Guide
EN: Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Schools - Rehva Guide 
IT: Sorgenti termiche delle pompe di calore     IT: Ventilazione e condizionamento dell'aria. Requisiti di igiene   IT: Ambiente interno ed efficienza energetica negli ambienti scolastici


 EN: Indoor Climate Quality Assessment - Rehva Guide   EN: Direct-fired absorbption chillers   EN: Radiant systems air-conditioning
IT: La valutazione della qualità climatica degli ambienti confinati 
  IT: Refrigerazione ad assorbimento   IT: Climatizzazione con sistemi radianti


EN: Engineering of fire escape security: FDS booklet (Fire Dynamics simulator    EN: Building energetic management   EN: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Ventilation Design - Rehva Guide
IT: L’ingegneria della sicurezza anticendio    IT: La gestione energetica degli edifici   IT: Fluidodinamica computazionale 



EN: Indoor Climate and Productivity in Officies  - Rehva Guide   EN: The Electricity revolution. Evolutions in the production, distribution and the market of electric power in Italy   
EN: Air conditioning dictionary. Science – application – technology
IT: Clima interno e produttività negli uffici    IT: La rivoluzione elettrica     IT: Prontuario dei termini per il condizionamento dell’aria 



EN: Fuel Cells: technology and opportunities of applications
IT: Celle a combustibile       


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