The relationship between restoration and plant systems is still under study and debate. In order to ensure the necessary energy performance and indoor comfort to historical buildings, a close collaboration is demanded between the functions, such as system designers, architects, restorers, representatives of institutions, involved in the requalification of systems and building envelope and in conservation of cultural heritage, while preserving the historical and architectural expression and the legislation in force.

The 49th International Conference, organized by AiCARR in Rome on February 26th to 28th, in collaboration with ASHRAE and with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, REHVA and IIR, provides a sharing and discussions aimed to shed light on innovative solutions to harmonize the critical issues arising from the requalification requirements in relation to the constraints of conservation in historical buildings.

Plenary Session (February 26th, afternoon)
Housed in the beautiful setting of the fifteenth-century Refectory in Palazzo Venezia, the plenary session will be opened with a Welcome speech by President Michele Vio, followed by the speech of President-Elect Livio de Santoli, who will explain the Guidelines for energy efficiency in the historical and cultural interest buildings. In addition to the deep professional experience on energy efficiency in architecture, Prof. de Santoli will provide the Congress with his experience in participating, on behalf of the Association, to the Ministerial Working Group which is responsible for the redaction of Guidelines for the historical buildings requalification: an important recognition of the commitment and competence of AiCARR on the energy efficiency.  

The voice of the institutions will be represented by Antonia Pasqua Recchia, General Secretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, who will talk about the needs and constraints in use and conservation of historic buildings: the speech will allow the audience to read Conference’s themes from the point of view of the Governments experts.

Coming from overseas, Thomas H. Phoenix, President-Elect at ASHRAE, will outline the U.S. approach to systems in the historical buildings and, more in general, in the existing once, bringing the discussion on an international level to share and discuss know-how and experiences.

The Plenary Session will be concluded with the speeches of Gianni Silvestrini, Director of the Kyoto Club, and long-time university and CNR researcher on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and Giovanni Carbonara, Director of the School of Specialization in architectural and Landscape at “La Sapienza” University in Rome and one of the leaders of the Roman School of architectural restoration. "Renewable Energy and historical buildings" and "Energy efficiency as a means of protection" are the main topics of  their papers.

Technical Sessions and Poster Session (February, 27th and 28th)
The conservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings - sites, archaeological and art museums, ancient theaters - requires the analysis of several aspects: compliance with regulatory constraints as cultural heritage, the economic feasibility to correct energy audit of the buildings, systems efficiency, including integration with renewable energy sources, monitoring of the microclimate to ensure an appropriate  preservation of buildings and artworks, the indoor air quality for the comfort of the visitors and insiders. In addition the need for the redevelopment of the housing through the use of finishing materials can enhance the performance and aesthetics of the building, in compliance with the demands, aiming to a better performance of lighting and acoustics.

The three technical sessions and the poster session will underline these topics, also focusing on the successfully tested methodologies, the standards and protocols, the case studies provide technical insights of some of the historical treasures and architectural heritage  such as the Camera degli Sposi in Mantua, the Last Supper, the Scrovegni Chapel, the Greek theater in Syracuse.

Round Table and side events
The Conference will end on February 28th  in the afternoon with the Roundtable on "The use of dynamic simulation for the energy requalification of the built heritage: historic and existing buildings", with the participation of Livio de Santoli, President-elect at AiCARR , Vincenzo Corrado, President at IBPSA Italy , Roberto Moneta, Ministry of Economic Development, Fabio Viera , Tifs Manens , Filippo De Rossi , University of Benevento, and a representative of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The new Guide AiCARR "Energy efficiency in historic buildings", will be presented by Prof. de Santoli followed by a round table with  the Ministry of Culture, AiCARR and Green Building Council Italy on "Managing the energy retrofit historic buildings ."

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