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Wednesday April 6,                                Opening Ceremony                                   9,00 a.m.-9,30 a.m.
Presentation of the AS - ISHPC11 Conferences
Renato Lazzarin, President of the Organizing Committee
Presentation of the Institute International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration
Didier Coulomb, Director of the IIF/IIR
Wednesday April 6,                                Plenary Session                                        9,30 a.m.-10,30 a.m.
Ground Source Systems: State of the Art and Prospects
Sanner Burkhard, President of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), Giessen, Germany

Dual Source Heat Pump Systems: Operation and Performance
Renato Lazzarin, DtG, Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padua, Italy

AS - GROUND                                                                                                                   11,00 a.m.-1,00 p.m.
Experiences with two Coaxial Borehole Heat exchanger Prototypes
J. Acuña, B. Palm
Ground-Source Heat Pumps. Overcoming Market and Technical Barriers
Hermann Halozan
Energetic and economic comparison between a compression and an absorption ground source heat pump
Giulio Santori, Costanzo Di Perna, Guglielmo Magri, Sacha Procaccini
Use of Underground water tank as Heat Sink
Roshini Rebecca Easow
Energy efficiency of variable capacity Ground Source Heat Pumps
Paolo Munari, Enrico Da Riva, Davide Del Col, Mauro Mantovan
Ground Source Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling in the Mediterranean Countries
Dimitrios Mendrinos, Jose Miguel Corberan, Enrico Da Riva, Davide Del Col, Carla Montagud
Plenary Session                                                                                                               2,30 p.m.-3,30 p.m.

The Heat Pump Market: Present and Future
Monica Axell, Manager of IEA Heat Pump Centre, Boras, Sweden

Heat Pumps for simultaneous Heating and Cooling
Michael Monsberger, AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology, Wien, Austria

AS - GROUND                                                                                                                     4,00 p.m.-6,00 p.m.
Energy optimization of a Ground Source Heat Pump system for Heating and Cooling in an office Building
J.M.Corberan, C.Montagud, F.Heselhaus
GSHP application in zones with anomalous gradient of temperature
Michele De Carli,Giuseppe Emmi, Angelo Zarrella, Antonio Galgaro
Comparison of Borehole Heat Exchangers response based on different hourly Load Models
Marco Fossa, Fabio Minchio
Numerical evaluation of the thermal resistance for ground coupled Heat Pump applications
Marco Fossa , Danila Dalla Pietà
Closing Session AS
Transfer by bus to Crowne Plaza
Thursday April 7,                      AS - SIMULTANEOUS H&C                                  11.00 a.m.-13,00 p.m.
Versatility and energy efficiency of reversible Heat Pumps illustrated with case studies
Matteo Serraino, Claudio Carano
Energy analysis of a combined heating and Cooling system for conditioning hotels in different climates
M. De Carli, F. Cappon, L. Prendin, A. Teti
A Survey on Heating and Cooling performances of heat Pumps present in the Italian market
Michele De Carli, Giuseppe Emmi, Antonio Polito, Massimiliano Scarpa
Units for 4-pipes systems for simultaneous production of Heating and Cooling Energy, designed for dual source applications
Luigi De Rossi, Elena Busnardo
Integrated control system with DC inverter technology for heat pumps
Willy Muvegi, Biagio Lamanna
 AS - HEAT RECOVERY                                                                                               14,30 p.m.-15,00 p.m.
An “Active ” Recovery system for air handling Units
R. Giannoni, D. Pedrini, M. Parenti, G. Parenti, D. Facchini
Multisource Heat Pump: data analysis for the first year of operations
Filippo Busato, Renato Lazzarin, Marco Noro
AS - SOLAR                                                                                                                  15,00 p.m.-15,30 p.m.
Simulated performance of a Solar Assisted Heat Pump using Ice Slurry as a latent storage material
Justin Tamasauskas, Michel Poirier, Radu Zmeureanu, Roberto Sunyé
Performances simulation of an evaporative Air Cooler using solar energy under Algerian climate
M.L. Yousfi, S. Elmetenani, Z. Belgroun, L. Merabeti, A. Chikouche
Closing Session AS
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