International Sorption Heat Pump Conference(ISHPC11)
IR Commissions E1 (Air Conditioning) and E2 (Heat pumps, energy recovery)
Padua, Italy, April 6-7-8, 2011

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This triennial conference is dedicated to heat pumping devices which make use of ab- or adsorption effects. Researchers, scientists and engineers find here a forum to exchange ideas and experiences on basic findings, applied topics and pilot plants regarding Sorption Heat Pumps Technology.


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Thursday April, 7    9,00 a.m.-9,30 a.m.


Presentation of the ISHPC11 Conference
Renato Lazzarin, Giovanni A. Longo, Co-Chairmen of the Organizing Committee of the ISHPC11 Conference

Presentation of the ASHRAE
Eckhard Groll, Ashrae Ambassador

Thursday April, 7    9,30 a.m.-10,30 a.m.


Open Cycle Absorption and Dessicant Technology
Gershon Grossman, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Trend in Absorption Machines
Reinhard Radermacher, Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE)
Mechanical Engineering, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland, Energy Research Center, US

Friday April, 8           9,30 a.m.-10,30 a.m.

Advancement in Solar Cooling
Carlos Infante Ferreira, DELFT University of Technology, The Netherland

Enhancement Techniques in Absorption Heat and Mass Transfer
Shigeru Koyama, Heat & Mass Transport Processes laboratory, Dep. Of Energy and material Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Sciences- Kyushu University, Japan

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