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After graduation in 1980 work in engineering geology, and in 1985 project leader for a R&D-project on ground source heat pumps, which became part of IEA Heat Pump Annex 8 in 1986. From that time on work in the field of geothermal energy and ground source heat pumps, mainly at Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany. Since 2004 part-time consultant and design geologist for geothermal energy systems with UBeG GbR, Wetzlar, Germany, and also representing the geothermal energy sector towards the EU-administration in Brussels, Belgium, as president of EGEC (European Geothermal Energy Council). Author and co-author of numerous publications; frequent contributor to conferences, workshops and seminars; teacher at various international courses and university summer schools; president of EGEC, past president and current vice president of the German Geothermal Association GtV-BV, vice chairman of the guideline committee VDI 4640 (thermal use of the underground).




Renato Lazzarin (Belluno, 1949) is full professor in the Engineering Faculty of the Padua University, where he holds the courses of Energy Management and Applied Acoustics for the degree in Management Engineering. He works at the Department of Management and Engineering in Vicenza.
He has been President of the Italian Association for Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration for the period 2008-2010. He is President of Commission E1 of the International Institute of Refrigeration.
He is author or coauthor of about 300 scientific publications, mainly on renewables and energy saving, often in international journals.
He is author or coauthor of the following books: Sistemi solari attivi (Active solar systems) (Padova 1981),  Tecnologia e progettazione del collettore solare (Technology and design of the solar collector) (Padova, 1982), La progettazione degli impianti solari (The design of solar plants) (Padova, 1983), Intervista sulle pompe di calore (Heat pumps: an interview) (Padova, 1982), L'energia solare e la produzione del freddo (Solar energy and refrigeration) (Milano, 1983), Le caldaie a condensazione dalla teoria agli impianti (Condensing boilers: from the theory to the plants) (Milano, 1986), Introduzione all'analisi exergetica (An introduction to exergy analysis)(Padova, 1989), Il condizionamento dell'aria e il gas naturale (Air conditioning and natural gas) (Milano, 1993), Intervista sul riscaldamento degli ambienti nell'industria (Heating of industrial environment: an interview) (Padova, 1995), Fabbisogno e risorse di energia in Italia e nel Mondo (Energy demand and resources in Italy and in the world) (Padova, 1997), Il soffitto radiante nella climatizzazione ambientale (The radiant ceiling in the air-conditioning) (Padova, 2000), Elementi di acustica tecnica (Elements of technical acoustics) (Padova, 2001),  Il condizionamento dell’aria: problematiche tecniche e ambientali (Air-conditioning: technical and environment aspects) (Palermo, 2003), Air humidification: technical health and energy aspects (in English and translated in French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese) (Brugine, 2004), La rivoluzione elettrica (The electric revolution) (Palermo, 2005). A book on heat pumps, Pompe di calore: parte teorica, parte applicativa (Heat pumps: theory and applicantion) is under publication.



Michael Monsberger studied mechanical engineering at Graz University of Technology. He completed a PhD on semi-empirical modelling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems at the Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials led by Prof. Jürgen O. Besenhard at Graz University of Technology. In 2007, he joined the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) as a research associate working on HVAC technologies. He became head of the business unit “Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems” at the AIT in 2009. Compression heat pumps are a particular focus of his business unit, which includes an accredited test laboratory for air/water, brine/water and water/water heat pumps. Research activities of his group include the combination of heat pumps with other renewable technologies like solar thermal or photovoltaic systems, the integration of heat pumps into large buildings and energy grids as well as high efficiency air heat pumps and absorption heat pumps.



1989  MSc, Mechanical, Chalmers
2000  Lic. Eng, Combustion Technology, Chalmers
2002  PhD, Building Services Engineering, Chalmers

  • General Manager for IEA Heat Pump Centre
  • Head of Section for Building Services Engineering at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • Regional coordinator for Europe and Africa for the next IEA Heat Pump Programme Conference in Tokyo 2011.
  • SwedishTechnical expert, CEN TC 113– Heat Pumping Technology
    • Swedish Representative, Commission, D1, IIR


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