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Thursday April 7,                                    ISHPC11 - ABSORPTION                          11,00 a.m.-1,00 p.m.
Mirò 1 Room
A Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller with Cold Storage
Ching-Jen Tang, William Gerstler
Simulation of Absorption of H2O in falling film of LiBr Aqueous in vertical tubes in wavy regime
E. Garcia-Rivera, J. Castro, J. Farnos, A. Oliva 
Air Source gas absorption Heat Pump cycle with full Heating Poutput at low outdoor ambient and high delivery temperatures
Marco Guerra 
Application of absorption chillers on vessels
Mathias Safarik, Lutz Richter, Gregor Weidner, Yves Wild, Peter Albring
Direct Air-Cooled single effect LiBr/H2O Absorption Prototype using a flat-fan sheets adiabatic absorber; experimental results
M. Izquierdo, A. González-Gil, J.D. Marcos, M.E. Palacios 
Ionic liquids: new high-performance working fluids for absorption chillers and Heat Pumps
M. C. Schneider, R. Schneider, O. Zehnacker, O. Buchin, F. Cudok, A. Kuhn, T. Meyer,  F. Ziegler, M. Seiler
Applications of Absorption chillers
Francesco Barberis
ISHPC11 ABSORPTION                                                                                                   2,30 p.m.-3,30 p.m.
Development of a small capacity Air-Cooled Ammonia/Lithium nitrate Absorption chiller - first Cooling capacity and Cop Measurements
M. Zamora, M. Bourouis, M. Vallés, A. Coronas
Experimental investigation of Ionic liquid emim SO4 as solvent in a single-effect cycle with adiabatic absorption and desorption
Michael Radspieler, Christian Schweigler 
Air-cooled, single effect waste heat-driven water-LiBr absorption system for high ambient temperatures
K. Gluesenkamp, C. Horvath, R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang 
ISHPC11 ABSORPTION                                                                                                   4,00 p.m.-6,00 p.m.
Crystallization inhibitors for water-LiBr absorption chillers
K. Gluesenkamp, R. Radermacher, Y. Hwang
Thermal conductivity of ammonia-lithium nitrate
Y.Cuenca, A.Vernet, M.Vallès 
Performance comparison of a bubble absorber with ammonia/lithium nitrate and ammonia(lithium nitrate+water) for absorption chillers
Cesar Oronel, Carlos Amaris, Manel Vallès, Mahmoud Bourouis, Alberto Coronas
A modular thermal Hub for Building integrate energy systems
Matthew D. Determan, Srinivas Garimella 
Coupled Component- and System-Level Simulation of a Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration System for Ambient Fresh Water Harvesting 
Alexander S. Rattner, Srininas Garimella
Numerical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer in Lithium Bromide-Water Falling
Films and Droplets
Vishwanath Subramaniam, Srinivas Garimella
Experimental study of a spray adiabatic absorber using fog-jet nozzles
R. Ventas, A. Lecuona, C. Vereda, M. Venegas, M.C. Rodríguez 

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